The Dragget Show is a conversational comedy podcast & YouTube channel by 2 furries from Chicago, Alkali Bismuth & Xander the Blue!  In addition to the streamed & recorded podcasts, we also have Cooking With Alkali, Dungeons & Draggets, DST3k, Dragget MD, Let’s Play Livestreams & more.  We host our show at fur cons around the country, so we hope to see you there!  Exclamation points means happy!  Right?!?

You can enjoy all your favorite episodes on any of these great platforms:

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Meet your hosts:

Alkali Bismuth

Alkali Bismuth is a giant black footed ferret in a top hat. You can often catch him at cons hosting Who's Lion, 3 Headed Monster, Charity Auction, or any panel where yelling is involved.

In the daytime, Alkali wrangles the stock market, but at night, he wrangles his...NEVERMIND.

He's a good boy that likes micromanagement (Founder & former con chair of Fur Squared, plays lots of Cities Skylines). Dook dook dook, he's not here.

Xander the Blue

rawr! rawrawrawrawr. rarwawrarwarawrawr. rawr.
Translation: Hello! My name is Xander. I'm a dragon that is blue. I'm a Dragget Show podcast co-host & stand-up attempter at 3 Headed Monster.

I had a long career as a 3D animator in the game industry, now I'm doing that for furry games.
When I'm not animating, I enjoy politics (Bernie ftw), rasslin (AEW ftw), working out & vidya games (wii fit? eh...).

I'm still recovering from the Furby my mom hid in the closet on Christmas night.)